• Rebiya Kadeer: EU Parlament has made an initial step to help Uighur people

    Trump administration blacklisted 28 Chinese company and government agencies that related to brutal humanitarian crisis in East Turkistan. This  is the first real action , on  the governmental level until today, over Uyghur tragedy which organized  by Chinese Communist regime by detaining over 3 millions Uyghurs, Kazakhs and others Muslims in Nazi style concentration camps. As one who has been speaking about these vampire government agencies for many years and also being one targeted by CCP by detaining 35 family members and relatives, I deliver my great gratitude for brave and fair enough decision of American government. As we know , development of technology bring great convenience and happy life to many nations in the world, yet it makes Uyghurs’ life increasingly tough because Chinese Communist regime uses it to monitor  every single acts and thoughts of Uyghurs. Streets , apartments , even private rooms are equipped with cctv cameras. Uyghurs are being accused as separates, radicals and terrorist and being send to concentration camps if they accidentally receive any message, email or read news that normal for the world. They are exposed to 7/24 surveillance thanks to the Chinese high technology. Nations get great benefits when there are natural resources in their land yet our natural resources is threatening us and even being cause of Chinese ethnic/ culture cleansing towards us.  Our petrols and natural gases provide huge amounts of Chinese energy consumption , in return we have been  marginalized and being  expelled from our house and  lands inherited from our fathers , ancestors. Plus, our rights of moving and traveling are also banned and , in the end, prisoning us into concentration camps. Moreover, Chinese Communist regime divest us from procreation which natural right of all creatures in the world, by sterilize our men and women. During the whole process, companies like Dahua and Hikvision got huge benefit by cooperating with Chinese police agencies and of course with this money they become great international investors. They achieved it not because of their own endeavor but with the power of despotic regime. Of course, these companies knew that their wealth mixed with tears of many orphans and blood of millions youths in concentration camps. They believed Uyghurs are helpless, lonely, and thought that for money , all organizations and governments would lost human nature as they did. But America spoke out for helpless people as they always have been done. Trump administration published them for their illegal and inhuman attitudes. I believe  that, American governments’ decision will warn other pro-despot companies and agencies in Chinese . Most importantly, this decision will give signal to those agencies, high tech companies and governments that making contributions to spread of oppression, corruption and despotism by close working with Chinese Communist Party. Thanks President Trump , thanks America ! Rabia Kadeer, leader of Uyghur National Movement.

  • Rabiye Kadir : Uyghurs Have Never Obeyed Chinese State Terrorism , So Will Do Hong Kongers

    Chinese President Xijinping  said that anyone  attempting to split  China will end in crushed bodies, shattered bones in his speech on Sunday , 13th October when visit Nepal . Undoubtedly, this is declaration of typical terrorist sate . By saying that, Xijinping trying to threaten  challenging  Hong Kong people who fighting for their rights and also thousands Uyghurs that  fighting for the independence for East Turkistan like me I say that , Chine communist regime has not subjugated us yet , more than 70 years,  and will fail to kneel down Hong Kongers too. This barbaric statement is probably new for Hong Kong people yet very old for Uyghurs.  We have not only been  hearing such horrible statement  but also suffering horrible barbaric treatment since the day of our homeland was occupied. And the more we live under CCP regime , the more we realize that getting independence is urgent because Communist China dose not allow us living as Uyghurs, thus we we have been fighting with their assimilation policy. Xi’s statement justifies that  how dangerous for Hongkongers  to live under such a despotic communist regime and how important and urgent to get independence. This threat is  sings of common and strong desire for independence of oppressed people like Uyghur, Tibet and of course people of Hong Kong and this statement also gives signal that how CCP is worrying about this “bad” situation that created by themselves. Today Chinese state media portraying Uyghurs, Tibes and Western democratic countries as enemies of Chinese people.Yet , it is clear that biggest enemy of Chinese people is Chinese Communist Party. Most of fundamental human rights such as  free selection, free to join political parties and freedom of speech that common to  most of Asian, African and Latin American countries have  not granted to Chinese people yet. To cover up their crime against Chinese people, Xi created discourse  of territorial integrity and sovereignty in order to justify his despotic regime . The democratic atmosphere of Taiwan and  Hong Kongs’ past testifies that the  Chinese people also has quality to build democratic society. At the same time, nations like Uyghur and Tibet are definitely have right and wills to live free. Fortunately,  most of Chinese people have already realized that they have right and power to do that. I believe that ,forming of  new democratic China and independence of Uyghurs and Tibets are just a matter of time. In 21th Century, govern  people with guns and sitting on throne without election is just dream of Xi Jingping, not dream of Chinese people. I call Xi and other CCP leaders to admit the reality. The states build without on the base of common will will face to collapse. We witnessed that promises of Lenin and threat of Stalin failed to save Soviet Union and Milesovićs’ ethnic cleansing did not resurrect Yugoslavia and these history worth to get lessons from. Finally, I call international organizations to condemn  such a terrorized horrible statements that threatens to the world peace . Rabia Kadeer: leader of Uyghur National Movement

  • China declared Islam a virus in its leaked documents. I call upon the Muslim World to respond to this-

    Dear Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen The Secretary-General Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), On Nov19, The New York Times has published leaked official documents of the Chinese government about the Uighur Muslims in China. The scary details found in those documents have attracted the attention of the world. I believe that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that boasts itself as the representative of the Muslim World should have responded to these horrible documents in the first place. Unfortunately, nothing has been heard from you and the OIC until now. In fact, earlier this year the OIC has already demonstrated that it is willing to sacrifice the Uyghur Muslims for its own economic interests by applauding the Chinese genocide of the Uyghur Muslims. In this letter, I am not asking you to help us against this genocide that has been reaffirmed with more details through the leaked documents. However, the documents stated that the local cadres of the Chinese government were ordered to inform the families of those detained Uyghur and Kazakh Muslims that their parents were sick in faith and spiritually contaminated. Furthermore, it has been explicitly stated in the documents that Islam is a virus and a tumor. Such abhorrent and demonizing views of the Chinese Communist Party about Islam have been confirmed and circulated by the media for a long time. Perhaps you may comfort yourself by saying that by virus China means Islamic radicalism. However, the pretexts the Chinese authorities sent between 3 to 5 million Uyghur and Kazakh Muslims into concentration camps include wearing Islamic dress, having a beard, performing Hajj, praying, visiting Islamic countries, studying at the Islamic Universities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and etc. Also, possessing the Quran, prayer rugs and even home appliances that are decorated with Islamic symbols are seen evidence of religious extremism and thus confiscated. Could you please tell me if there is anyone else in the world who abused Islam in such a way? Who else has declared Islam a virus and a tumor? The evidence of anti-Islamic sentiment of the Chinese authorities have previously been reported, even before the publishing of the leaded documents by the New York Times. Satellite images of massive construction of concentration camps and cremation facilities alongside, demolished mosques, destroyed minarets of mosques in East Turkistan have been discussed in the Western world. How can you as a leader of this Umma keep silence when our holy books are thrown into the trash and burned and people are killed for simply being a Muslim? Alhamdulillah, Qatar (may Allah bless them) could not put up with this swindle and brutality and withdrew from you in order to express its opposition to this atrocity. Today I am writing this letter, hoping that there will be others like Qatar who would stand with justice. If this letter doesn’t have any value today, I believe it will be worth something tomorrow or someday in the future or the hereafter. By this letter, I would like to remind you of one thing. What we are suffering today will most certainly come to you tomorrow. If they did not touch you today, this is not because they love you, but because they do not have the opportunities for that for now. If China is helping you today, it is not because they are your friends, but because they want you to shut your mouth up on this genocide. Think! no organization or any terrorists have ever taken 3 million people hostage. Dr.Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen, by this letter I call upon you and the leaders of the Muslim World taking on the responsibility of this Umma, to review the leaked documents of the CCP carefully and recognize China’s hatred towards Islam as early as possible. Yours sincerely, Rebiya Kadeer The leader of the Uyghur national movement

  • Rebiya Kadeer : China must release all detainees in camps in avoidance from the virus

    While the whole world take serious actions to prevent the virus from being spread, there are large numbers of people who are closest to dangers of the virus but not able protect themselves from it.they are more than 3 million Uighur and Khazaks who are detained in China’s concentration camps.They are the most vulnerable people to Wuhan Coronovirus because of their bad medical and physical conditions that caused in long term detention. China might try to divert the attention of international community to gravity of virus and other activities to prevent it from spreading. Chinese State run media have reported yesterday that a medical assistance group of 100 people have departed to Wuhan.But any source has never mentioned how the authorities took measures to protect the people in those camps. So I want to urge the international community to take serious actions to save the lives of these innocent people in these camps who are in the he potential danger of Wuhan virus.International community need to put pressure on China to close those camps and release all detainees to unite with their family members and let them take measure to protect themselves from the virus. China has been hiding all tragedies and atrocities in the region in the name of internal affairs. As a human rights activist, I hope international community to realize that the detainees are the most vulnerable people to virus and put pressure Chinese government to release the people there. Rebiya Kadeer The leader of Uyghur National Movement

  • Rebiya Kadder: Uighurs are in danger of Wuhan Virus. I call you all to stand up for them

    Chinese State-run media reported 29 people infected with the virus in Uyghur region.but there is not any reports about the measure taken to protect more than 3 million people from the virus in these camps. Instead, local authorities have arrested 12 people on the charges of disclosing state secrets for just sharing posts about the virus. This is a strong indication that China doesn’t care the lives of Uyghurs either in the camps or outside of the camps. It’s obvious that the detainees have not idea that an epidemic virus is coming towards them. No one can inform them about it or can’t try to save them from it. From the historical and political perspective, we can understand easily why Chinese authorities are not concerning the safety of those people. Because China has been claiming that it has built these camps to counter terrorism and thus naturally it hopes to see eradication of those people by any measures. Before the virus outbreak, Uyghur issue has been the biggest headache of the Chinese government. They also might choose to eliminate the headache under the name of natural disaster by not providing necessary measures to protect them or intentionally spreading the virus to them. We have strong fear that China might use this virus to extinct Uighurs by targeting Uighurs with the virus. Today, the lives of the 3 million detained depend on the efforts of international community. So I call on international community to take practical actions to save them. This is the time China realized that the lives of people is not internal affairs anymore. United States and other nations can take this opportunity to our pressure on China to release Uighurs in prisons and camps. Rebiya Kadeer The leader of Uyghur National Movement

  • It is happening

    IT IS HAPPENING! What we’ve been worrying about for the past few months is finally happening. The world is already been heavily shaken by the outbreak of Coronavirus from the Wuhan region of China. The three million Uyghur people in East Turkistan who are currently placed in China’s concentration camp and another one million innocent people that are put in jail for no logical reason along with thousands of young people who are taken to Chinese cities for free labor are in danger, we are deeply concerned with their safety. Also, the so-called “Xinjiang class” that has many groups of adolescence age between 10 to 18 who are forcibly taken away from their parents concerned us for the future of our generation. Today, the coronavirus has spread to the weak, powerless Uyghur people and left them with no hope. The concentration camp and all other facilities that monitor the behavior and lives of Uyghur people in East Turkistan caused people to face starvation, poverty and an increased number of rare diseases When the virus first spread, 13000 people from Wuhan came and settled in Atush city and the virus started to spread rapidly across East Turkistan. The whole East Turkistan is in lockdown mode now to ‘fight’ the disease. The authority forbids people from going outside and locked them altogether even the ones with the disease in the same building. They are currently placed in places where they have no access to treatment or any medical supplies. This deadly virus will cause more death, starvation and economic loss in East Turkistan. The Chinese government will do everything to save Han Chinese instead of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in such emergencies. According to the information we received, the authority has stopped providing foods to people in camps. Also from the Chinese news station, “Xinhua” news has stated that 170 Uyghur people have taken to the Wuhan region for work basically sending them to death. The videos that have been released from Chinese social media about frustrated, helpless Uyghur people crying to provide food for their family heavily concerned us. As a nation, we are strongly requesting the American foreign affairs council, the White House, Human rights organization, the American Red Cross, the United Nation as such to hear our voice, help our devasted, powerless people. The Uyghur organization across the globe will work together to gather supplies, money, and food for our Uyghur, Kazak, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, people back home. We humbly ask the American Red Cross and Human rights organization to help us deliver these items to starving, helpless people of East Turkistan. Also to negotiate with the Chinese government to reduce the danger, provide safety and a better environment for the Uyghur people in this difficult times. Rebiya Kadeer

  • Rebiya Kadeer: Uyghurs face the threat of famine

    We understand that it’s necessary to lockdown the cities and restrict the transportation of people after the outbreak of coronavirus. However, it is unacceptable to let the people die due to different reasons while they are supposed to be protected from the coronavirus. Recently, we have obtained numerous video clips that show Uyghurs facing famine due to imposed self-quarantine at home. The clips also show many people who tried to break out of their homes to look for food for their families as they are not provided adequate food by the Chinese authorities. Those bitter scenes made us worry about the situation of the Uyghurs that are under forced self-quarantine. In addition to that, Uyghurs had lost labor forces and economic capacity over the past three years as a result of the concentration camps in the region. Prominent business leaders such as Nurtay Aji and Abdujelil Aji have been arrested and their wealth has been confiscated. The large scale lockdown might not bring a catastrophic impact to the Chinese population in the region as it brings to the Uyghur people as the economic foundation of the Chinese people is much better. However, the impact will be catastrophic to the Uyghurs who have already suffered a lot from the repression of the Chinese authorities. The Chinese authorities are responsible for making the Uyghur population face the outbreak of coronavirus in such a vulnerable situation the same way they are responsible for not being able to contain the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, the Chinese government needs to financially assist such a vulnerable region and end its repressive policies during this crisis. Also, the Chinese authorities should start projects to assist the Uyghur population in the face of coronavirus and allow access for international aid. Of course, as an invader, the Chinese regime would not care for a Uyghur activist’s call and would never listen to the voice of the Uyghur people. Hence, I sincerely call on the International organizations to help the Uyghur people facing famine. I especially call upon the Red Cross and the World Health Organization to communicate with the Chinese authorities, seek access and investigation, and open the door for international aid into the Uyghur region. Finally, I would like to bring your attention to the plight of more than three million Uyghurs who are being locked up in the concentration camps over the last three years. Yours sincerely, Rebiya Kadeer Leader of the Uyghur National Movement

  • Rebiya Kadeer: The Chinese government fooled the world once again, are there consequences for such an act?

    ​In June 2019 the Chinese government declared that people who are detained in re-education camps have all been “graduated”; and in January 2020 they announced that they have shut down all the re-education camps.  Even invited the ‘Ireland Time’ magazine to show them the closed buildings in the Kashgar region of East Turkistan. According to the ‘Chinese News from yesterday, the speaker of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, Alijan Anayit answered the request of world Uyghur congress’s call for preventing coronavirus in these camps, he stated that the re-education camps are not for punishing people, but emphasized that it is a school and explained in four types of goals and accidentally revealed the still existence of the camps. This is not the first time the Chinese government has lied about the concentration camps. In 2017, the Chinese government strongly resist the existence of such camps and in 2018 they announced that it was just vocational training centers for “uneducated” Uyghurs. The Chinese Ambassadors reside in Kazakhistan, Zhang Han Hui, in England, Liu Xiao Ming, in Australia, Wang Ni Xing, and in the United States, Sui Tian Kai along with Chinese foreign affair minister, Wang Yi and the puppet leader of Uyghur autonomous region, Shohret Zakir is the loyal delegates of the Chinese government who have always been lying about the camps. The ambassador Wang Xi Ning stated in ABC News that the wife of the Uyghur Australian citizen Sadam Abdusalam refused to come to Australia, and today she risked her life to reveal herself and announced that she wants to go to Australia and reunite with her husband which proved Wang Xi’s statement was a complete lie. The Communist Chinese leader used many tactics to cover up the testimonies of Uyghur people abroad about their relatives in concentration camps by putting their lives in danger. Their constant lies heavily affected the international organization that showed and spoke out about the testimonies and stories of the victims lead to wasting their time, economy and their integrity. The international organization has revealed many secret evidence the Chinese government withheld about the torture and ethnic cleansing in East Turkestan. All this evidence proved that the President Xi Jin Ping and the Chief leader of the Uyghur autonomous region Chen Chuan Guo’s been lying about the situation in East Turkestan. We acknowledged that the United Nations has limited power and its system is not perfect especially when the dictator Chinese government is meddling in the system. Therefore, we can assume that the United Nations has been facing difficulties shutting down the concentration camps and we understand that it takes a longer process and time. However,  we are very disappointed that the incorrect information and documents were given by the Chinese government to the United Nation and all other Human Rights organizations disrupted their function and ethics to their job to protect the rights of victims of this Genocide. I respectfully ask the United Nation and other related organizations to do further investigation on the constant lies of the Chinese government and interrogate them. I also ask the Chinese government to stop spreading further lies about the situation in East Turkistan to the world. Leader of the Uyghur National Movement Rebiya Kadeer

  • Rabiye Kadeer: Congratulations to all Uyghurs!

    The president of the most powerful country signs the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020  . We, the people of East Turkistan, are not just a group of oppressed people, but we have also been abandoned and forgotten by the world community. Now, for the first time in 70 years, a country—the United States of America—has introduced our cause into its law by declaring to China and the rest of the world that we are not alone in our fight for human rights and freedom. If we consider being ruled by one of the most violent and backward imperialist countries in the world as the most the bitter part of our fate as a people, having the most powerful country in the world, the US, as our first public supporter is a bright sign for our future. On top of that, we had the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 signed into law with the signature of President Donald Trump, one of the most outspoken and decisive presidents in the history of the US.   If some news reports sourced from Mr. Joe Bolton are true, this would mean that President Trump may have had a difficult time understanding our problems because of China’s deception and trickery. However, yesterday, President Trump confirmed that he is capable and vigilant president by unwaveringly signing the law on Uyghur human rights. I am fully confident that President Trump—who stood firm with his decision to build a wall on the Mexican border despite facing heavy criticism in his country and who did not allow Chinese passengers to cross the US border despite the World Health Organization’s advice not to take excessive action in relation to the Chinese virus—will stick to his decision and strongly enforce the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020. I hope that the Act will play a key role in Uyghurs’ fight for freedom! Rabiye Kadeer Leader of the Uyghur National Movement June 18, 2020 Washington, DC

  • I urge Chinese authorities to stop genocide on the anniversary of July

    The protest, which began peacefully in Urumqi on July 5, 2009, became violent resistance and ended with a massacre with Chinese brutality. Demonstrators demands were simple: the protesters demanded that the government had to explain the death of a dozen Uyghur workers in Shaoguan, June 26.  The government knew that even its simple answer with condolences could ease the situation and appease the rage among the protesters.  But the Chinese side did not want such a peaceful clean-up; Because it was not the demands of the protesters, the courage of Uyghur protesters to rally annoyed the government. After 60 years of repressive policies, the Uyghur people must have lost their courage to protest against the Chinese government and became careless about each other. China, therefore, was not afraid of the demands of the protest, nor did it think about it; But this gathering itself is a bomb; They described the request as “an explosion”. Instead of answering the demand of protesters, the government arrested them and crammed them into a police car. The protesters fled the arrest were shot behind. Chinese authorities also miscalculated the bill. They tried to calm the situation forever through the massacre. China has not learned a lesson from this after the July 5 bloody tragedy. In addition to the large-scale abductions of Uyghurs on June 6, they incited Chinese citizens in Urumqi to attack against Uyghurs on July 7 and 8 and set the stage for many killings. The majority of Uyghur protesters who are arrested were executed, the rest of them are sentenced for long term prison or disappeared. In the aftermath of China’s July 5 violence, some Uyghur youths have taken to the streets in some areas to protect their families and property. Originally, these acts of self-defense against Chinese state violence were condemned by the Chinese authorities as terrorism, and camps were set up as the entire Uyghur nation was held accountable for the protests, and more than 3 million Uyghurs are being detained in camps, even fugitives of war could live better than those detained. deserves a war and Living in a state of deprivation. That is to say, China has not yet acknowledged the fact that human race cannot be ruled by mere weapons and intimidation, and that it is not possible to maintain peace in society through fear and terror once again urge the Chinese authorities to take a correct lesson from the July 5 commemoration, and to give up the genocide as soon as possible. Rebiya Kadeer The leader of the Uyghur National Movement