IT IS HAPPENING! What we’ve been worrying about for the past few months is finally happening. The world is already been heavily shaken by the outbreak of Coronavirus from the Wuhan region of China. The three million Uyghur people in East Turkistan who are currently placed in China’s concentration camp and another one million innocent people that are put in jail for no logical reason along with thousands of young people who are taken to Chinese cities for free labor are in danger, we are deeply concerned with their safety. Also, the so-called “Xinjiang class” that has many groups of adolescence age between 10 to 18 who are forcibly taken away from their parents concerned us for the future of our generation. Today, the coronavirus has spread to the weak, powerless Uyghur people and left them with no hope. The concentration camp and all other facilities that monitor the behavior and lives of Uyghur people in East Turkistan caused people to face starvation, poverty and an increased number of rare diseases When the virus first spread, 13000 people from Wuhan came and settled in Atush city and the virus started to spread rapidly across East Turkistan. The whole East Turkistan is in lockdown mode now to ‘fight’ the disease. The authority forbids people from going outside and locked them altogether even the ones with the disease in the same building. They are currently placed in places where they have no access to treatment or any medical supplies. This deadly virus will cause more death, starvation and economic loss in East Turkistan. The Chinese government will do everything to save Han Chinese instead of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in such emergencies. According to the information we received, the authority has stopped providing foods to people in camps. Also from the Chinese news station, “Xinhua” news has stated that 170 Uyghur people have taken to the Wuhan region for work basically sending them to death. The videos that have been released from Chinese social media about frustrated, helpless Uyghur people crying to provide food for their family heavily concerned us. As a nation, we are strongly requesting the American foreign affairs council, the White House, Human rights organization, the American Red Cross, the United Nation as such to hear our voice, help our devasted, powerless people. The Uyghur organization across the globe will work together to gather supplies, money, and food for our Uyghur, Kazak, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, people back home. We humbly ask the American Red Cross and Human rights organization to help us deliver these items to starving, helpless people of East Turkistan. Also to negotiate with the Chinese government to reduce the danger, provide safety and a better environment for the Uyghur people in this difficult times.

Rebiya Kadeer