Trump administration blacklisted 28 Chinese company and government agencies that related to brutal humanitarian crisis in East Turkistan. This  is the first real action , on  the governmental level until today, over Uyghur tragedy which organized  by Chinese Communist regime by detaining over 3 millions Uyghurs, Kazakhs and others Muslims in Nazi style concentration camps.
As one who has been speaking about these vampire government agencies for many years and also being one targeted by CCP by detaining 35 family members and relatives, I deliver my great gratitude for brave and fair enough decision of American government.
As we know , development of technology bring great convenience and happy life to many nations in the world, yet it makes Uyghurs’ life increasingly tough because Chinese Communist regime uses it to monitor  every single acts and thoughts of Uyghurs. Streets , apartments , even private rooms are equipped with cctv cameras. Uyghurs are being accused as separates, radicals and terrorist and being send to concentration camps if they accidentally receive any message, email or read news that normal for the world. They are exposed to 7/24 surveillance thanks to the Chinese high technology.
Nations get great benefits when there are natural resources in their land yet our natural resources is threatening us and even being cause of Chinese ethnic/ culture cleansing towards us.  Our petrols and natural gases provide huge amounts of Chinese energy consumption , in return we have been  marginalized and being  expelled from our house and  lands inherited from our fathers , ancestors. Plus, our rights of moving and traveling are also banned and , in the end, prisoning us into concentration camps. Moreover, Chinese Communist regime divest us from procreation which natural right of all creatures in the world, by sterilize our men and women.
During the whole process, companies like Dahua and Hikvision got huge benefit by cooperating with Chinese police agencies and of course with this money they become great international investors. They achieved it not because of their own endeavor but with the power of despotic regime. Of course, these companies knew that their wealth mixed with tears of many orphans and blood of millions youths in concentration camps. They believed Uyghurs are helpless, lonely, and thought that for money , all organizations and governments would lost human nature as they did. But America spoke out for helpless people as they always have been done. Trump administration published them for their illegal and inhuman attitudes.
I believe  that, American governments’ decision will warn other pro-despot companies and agencies in Chinese . Most importantly, this decision will give signal to those agencies, high tech companies and governments that making contributions to spread of oppression, corruption and despotism by close working with Chinese Communist Party.
Thanks President Trump , thanks America !
Rabia Kadeer, leader of Uyghur National Movement.