The protest, which began peacefully in Urumqi on July 5, 2009, became violent resistance and ended with a massacre with Chinese brutality. Demonstrators demands were simple: the protesters demanded that the government had to explain the death of a dozen Uyghur workers in Shaoguan, June 26.
 The government knew that even its simple answer with condolences could ease the situation and appease the
rage among the protesters.
 But the Chinese side did not want such a peaceful clean-up; Because it was not the demands of the protesters, the courage of Uyghur protesters to rally annoyed the government.
After 60 years of repressive policies, the Uyghur people must have lost their courage to protest against the Chinese government and became careless about each other. China, therefore, was not afraid of the demands of the protest, nor did it think about it; But this gathering itself is a bomb; They described the request as “an explosion”.
Instead of answering the demand of protesters, the government arrested them and crammed them into a police car. The protesters fled the arrest were shot behind. Chinese authorities also miscalculated the bill. They tried to calm the situation forever through the massacre.
China has not learned a lesson from this after the July 5 bloody tragedy. In addition to the large-scale abductions of Uyghurs on June 6, they incited Chinese citizens in Urumqi to attack against Uyghurs on July 7 and 8 and set the stage for many killings.
The majority of Uyghur protesters who are arrested were executed, the rest of them are sentenced for long term prison or disappeared.
In the aftermath of China’s July 5 violence, some Uyghur youths have taken to the streets in some areas to protect their families and property. Originally, these acts of self-defense against Chinese state violence were condemned by the Chinese authorities as terrorism, and camps were set up as the entire Uyghur nation was held accountable for the protests, and more than 3 million Uyghurs are being detained in camps, even fugitives of war could live better than those detained. deserves a war and Living in a state of deprivation.
That is to say, China has not yet acknowledged the fact that human race cannot be ruled by mere weapons and intimidation, and that it is not possible to maintain peace in society through fear and terror once again urge the Chinese authorities to take a correct lesson from the July 5 commemoration, and to give up the genocide as soon as possible.
Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of the Uyghur National Movement