Chinese President Xijinping  said that anyone  attempting to split  China will end in crushed bodies, shattered bones in his speech on Sunday , 13th October when visit Nepal . Undoubtedly, this is declaration of typical terrorist sate .
By saying that, Xijinping trying to threaten  challenging  Hong Kong people who fighting for their rights and also thousands Uyghurs that  fighting for the independence for East Turkistan like me
I say that , Chine communist regime has not subjugated us yet , more than 70 years,  and will fail to kneel down Hong Kongers too.
This barbaric statement is probably new for Hong Kong people yet very old for Uyghurs.  We have not only been  hearing such horrible statement  but also suffering horrible barbaric treatment since the day of our homeland was occupied. And the more we live under CCP regime , the more we realize that getting independence is urgent because Communist China dose not allow us living as Uyghurs, thus we we have been fighting with their assimilation policy.
Xi’s statement justifies that  how dangerous for Hongkongers  to live under such a despotic communist regime and how important and urgent to get independence. This threat is  sings of common and strong desire for independence of oppressed people like Uyghur, Tibet and of course people of Hong Kong and this statement also gives signal that how CCP is worrying about this “bad” situation that created by themselves.
Today Chinese state media portraying Uyghurs, Tibes and Western democratic countries as enemies of Chinese people.Yet , it is clear that biggest enemy of Chinese people is Chinese Communist Party.
Most of fundamental human rights such as  free selection, free to join political parties and freedom of speech that common to  most of Asian, African and Latin American countries have  not granted to Chinese people yet. To cover up their crime against Chinese people, Xi created discourse  of territorial integrity and sovereignty in order to justify his despotic regime .
The democratic atmosphere of Taiwan and  Hong Kongs’ past testifies that the  Chinese people also has quality to build democratic society. At the same time, nations like Uyghur and Tibet are definitely have right and wills to live free. Fortunately,  most of Chinese people have already realized that they have right and power to do that. I believe that ,forming of  new democratic China and independence of Uyghurs and Tibets are just a matter of time. In 21th Century, govern  people with guns and sitting on throne without election is just dream of Xi Jingping, not dream of Chinese people.
I call Xi and other CCP leaders to admit the reality. The states build without on the base of common will will face to collapse. We witnessed that promises of Lenin and threat of Stalin failed to save Soviet Union and Milesovićs’ ethnic cleansing did not resurrect Yugoslavia and these history worth to get lessons from.
Finally, I call international organizations to condemn  such a terrorized horrible statements that threatens to the world peace .
Rabia Kadeer: leader of Uyghur National Movement