In June 2019 the Chinese government declared that people who are detained in re-education camps have all been “graduated”; and in January 2020 they announced that they have shut down all the re-education camps.  Even invited the ‘Ireland Time’ magazine to show them the closed buildings in the Kashgar region of East Turkistan. According to the ‘Chinese News from yesterday, the speaker of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, Alijan Anayit answered the request of world Uyghur congress’s call for preventing coronavirus in these camps, he stated that the re-education camps are not for punishing people, but emphasized that it is a school and explained in four types of goals and accidentally revealed the still existence of the camps. This is not the first time the Chinese government has lied about the concentration camps. In 2017, the Chinese government strongly resist the existence of such camps and in 2018 they announced that it was just vocational training centers for “uneducated” Uyghurs. The Chinese Ambassadors reside in Kazakhistan, Zhang Han Hui, in England, Liu Xiao Ming, in Australia, Wang Ni Xing, and in the United States, Sui Tian Kai along with Chinese foreign affair minister, Wang Yi and the puppet leader of Uyghur autonomous region, Shohret Zakir is the loyal delegates of the Chinese government who have always been lying about the camps.

The ambassador Wang Xi Ning stated in ABC News that the wife of the Uyghur Australian citizen Sadam Abdusalam refused to come to Australia, and today she risked her life to reveal herself and announced that she wants to go to Australia and reunite with her husband which proved Wang Xi’s statement was a complete lie. The Communist Chinese leader used many tactics to cover up the testimonies of Uyghur people abroad about their relatives in concentration camps by putting their lives in danger. Their constant lies heavily affected the international organization that showed and spoke out about the testimonies and stories of the victims lead to wasting their time, economy and their integrity. The international organization has revealed many secret evidence the Chinese government withheld about the torture and ethnic cleansing in East Turkestan. All this evidence proved that the President Xi Jin Ping and the Chief leader of the Uyghur autonomous region Chen Chuan Guo’s been lying about the situation in East Turkestan.

We acknowledged that the United Nations has limited power and its system is not perfect especially when the dictator Chinese government is meddling in the system. Therefore, we can assume that the United Nations has been facing difficulties shutting down the concentration camps and we understand that it takes a longer process and time. However,  we are very disappointed that the incorrect information and documents were given by the Chinese government to the United Nation and all other Human Rights organizations disrupted their function and ethics to their job to protect the rights of victims of this Genocide. I respectfully ask the United Nation and other related organizations to do further investigation on the constant lies of the Chinese government and interrogate them. I also ask the Chinese government to stop spreading further lies about the situation in East Turkistan to the world.

Leader of the Uyghur National Movement

Rebiya Kadeer