The UK Parliament has unanimously recognized the Uyghur situation, an apt response from a long-standing and great civilized country. China was overconfident in its power when carrying out the genocide, and it underestimated the international community’s sense of justice and responsibility. China thought that Western countries would remain silent to maintain trade, just like the Central Asian republics and the Arab states. Through this resolution, however, the UK Parliament has not only conveyed humanitarian warmth to the oppressed Uyghur people but also responded appropriately to China’s false accounts. Congratulations to all MPs who voted for this historic resolution.

Today, the Uyghur genocide is no secret to the world, as the international media has solid facts. However, many countries turn a blind eye to the Uyghur genocide for fear of the consequences of taking a stand against China. Even Turkey, Kazakhstan,  whose own citizens have been captured, detained, and tortured in East Turkistan (XUAR) for affecting the genocide situation, refuse to speak up. While it is not difficult to recognize the genocide, it is difficult to take a stand against it. Leading the world in many areas of progress, including abolishing slavery and establishing human rights organizations, the UK, following this resolution, will accordingly adjust its economic, political, and military relations with China. I believe and hope it will play a leading role in stopping China’s ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity.

On behalf of the oppressed Uyghur people, I thank all the activists, journalists, and public figures who have contributed to this decision.

Rebiya Kaeer

Leader of the Uyghur National Movement