While the whole world take serious actions to prevent the virus from being spread, there are large numbers of people who are closest to dangers of the virus but not able protect themselves from it.they are more than 3 million Uighur and Khazaks who are detained in China’s concentration camps.They are the most vulnerable people to Wuhan Coronovirus because of their bad medical and physical conditions that caused in long term detention.
China might try to divert the attention of international community to gravity of virus and other activities to prevent it from spreading.
Chinese State run media have reported yesterday that a medical assistance group of 100 people have departed to Wuhan.But any source has never mentioned how the authorities took measures to protect the people in those camps.
So I want to urge the international community to take serious actions to save the lives of these innocent people in these camps who are in the he potential danger of Wuhan virus.International community need to put pressure on China to close those camps and release all detainees to unite with their family members and let them take measure to protect themselves from the virus.
China has been hiding all tragedies and atrocities in the region in the name of internal affairs.
As a human rights activist, I hope international community to realize that the detainees are the most vulnerable people to virus and put pressure Chinese government to release the people there.
Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of Uyghur National Movement