Uyghur Americans gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to protest the brutal #UrumchiFire today on November 26, 2022. Amid an ongoing genocide, Uyghurs have been under Covid lockdown more than 100 days facing Starvation Genocide!

This Black Friday was literally a black day of mourning for us Uyghurs today!

Uyghurs have been in a government sanctioned lockdown and starving for more then 100 days under the guise of Covid in East Turkistan. There was a fire in Urumchi on 11/24/2022 and because everyone’s doors are sealed shut, many families couldn’t escape. The streets were blocked and the fire truck couldn’t get closer for a long time therefore, more than 44 people died. The state media news tried to cover up the truth and said only 10 people died.

Now, those protesting this situation are on the streets getting shot! Concentration camps, prisons and forced labor camps are full so the CCP turned Uyghurs own houses into a prison, locking them in and starving them.

Please pray for Uyghurs