A hypocritical partnership between murderers and “Muslim scholars” will not break our spirit

Rabiye Qadir

A visit by the “World Muslim Communities Council” to Xinjiang was orchestrated from January 9–11 in East Turkistan, and its goal was no secret: to hide the ongoing Uyghur genocide from the world.

We believe that the international community is aware of the Uyghur genocide, and although some are not taking a stand, it is not because of a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of courage or needs from China.

Therefore, China’s efforts to mobilize interest groups in the Islamic world on the international stage with such a political game revealed its weakness in defending itself. It also showed the disgrace of those interest groups playing a role on this stage.

Those who want to independently investigate the Uyghur genocide should ask for statements from the murder suspects, as well as the representatives of the victims who have the opportunity to speak freely. They must review not only reports on the murder suspects but also the Uyghur report from the UN, the judgment of the Uyghur tribunal, and leaked secret documents from China. Clearly, those who have not followed this ethical path chose to cover up the situation instead of investigating it, and they are complicit in the genocide.

Therefore, there is no need for a “non-governmental organization” (NGO) or “religious scholars” who are attempting to curry favor with dictatorial regimes and fawning over the terrorist state of China to think for us.

These “Muslim scholars” did not say a word about the three million Uyghurs in the camps during their visit to East Turkestan, and they ignored the destroyed mosques and the burning of the Qur’an and hadiths. They saw the scene that China wanted to show and read statements that China wanted them to read.

We do not recognize them as Muslims. They are hypocrites according to the rulings of our religion. This group has entered into a partnership in murder; it is not an NGO. We did not tell these hypocrites about our grievances because we did not expect them to intercede. We believe that the punishment for this so-called “Muslim Council,” which exposed the true faces of these Islamic scholars with this disgraceful visit, will be punished by Allah in another world and by humanity in this world.

Another reason for China to organize such visits is to keep the hopes of our people from the international community, especially Muslims, thereby weakening their faith, changing their culture, breaking their will for political independence, and instilling slavery in their spirit.

We can proudly say that Uyghurs will never give up their religion due to the treacherous visit of these “Muslims.” They should understand how pure and true our religious beliefs are and the greatness of imprisoned Uyghur religious scholars who refuse to surrender to China.

Although the camps and prisons, which have served as torture machines for six years, have killed many people, they have made the survivors more aware that the national state and national independence are the conditions of national existence. This treacherous visit will also make Uyghurs more aware of the importance of distinguishing between the Muslim community and bureaucrats and their agents, being objective in international relations, and relying on their own strength for their political struggles.

China may be proud of this game, which made Muslim scholars speak against us, and it may think that it further widened the path of genocide.

However, it should not be forgotten that Uyghurs have a long and honorable political and cultural history, and we live in the 21st century. With its genocidal methods, China can reduce our population, make it difficult for us to rise, and slow our development, but it cannot wipe us from the face of Earth. We will make our country independent again, and we will continue our existence outside the Great Wall of China. It is merely a matter of time.

Therefore, we urge the Chinese not to further embarrass themselves and their friends with such forgeries. As the first step in stopping the genocide, we call on China to acknowledge its failures in running the country and to immediately release all Uyghurs from its camps and prisons.

We also remind China that if it does not take this step, it will cause more scandals to justify itself, and the damage caused by these scandals will be political, economic, and an embarrassment for future generations.