Although France is geographically far away, the nation has always been close to the Uyghur people’s hearts, with its glorious history of being a banner of freedom and justice . Thus, when our people sought help from the international community, the French were among the first to help[.2] . Yesterday, the French Parliament, with a majority vote, acknowledged the brutality perpetrated by China against the Uyghurs as genocide. By doing so, France, to a great extent, justified and exhorted the hopes of our people, and on behalf of our people at home and abroad, I thank the French people and their parliament.
The decision, of course, gives hope and spiritual strength to our people who have been displaced during the four years of mass detention, leaving hundreds of thousands  of bodies per day in camps. Equally important, France’s decision denounces China, which over-trusted their economic power and wanted to shut the mouths of the entire international community. Furthermore, France’s proclamation also serves as an exemplary lesson to countries that stay with China for economic interests and the companies and celebrities who worship their money in China, while turning a blind eye to the Uyghur genocide .
For France, as the world’s seventh largest economy, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and European Union founder, much more can be accomplished to stop this crime against humanity in the twenty-first century. France, which served a leading role in ousting Dictator Gaddafi in the Arab Spring movement, has the power to play a vital role in stopping the Uyghur genocide.
I wish peace and strength to the French people who supported us in our darkest days. Finally, on behalf of our people, I would like to thank all our activists, camp witnesses, researchers, and journalists who have contributed to this decision.
Sincerely, Rabiye Qadir, Leader of the Uyghur National Movement
January 20th, 2022

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