U.S. basketball star Royce White’s speech on July 11 at a large sports stadium for the Uyhurs has delighted Uighur people in the diaspora; Once again we feel that we are not alone and not helpless.
Today, this voice was urgently needed for the safety and lives of more than two million Uyghurs who are fighting for their lives in the camps in East Turkistan. Because China today is committing the Uyghur genocide on the one hand and preparing for the Olympics on the other hand; Although this situation is fundamentally in violation of the spirit of the Olympics and humanitarian ethics, many countries, organizations and celebrities are turning a blind eye to it. Some are not giving up on the economic benefits and glory that come with being on that Olympic stage, Some are afraid to displease China at the expense of fighting the Uyghur genocide. At this point that Royce White’s declaration of “freedom for the Uyghurs” and the remembrance of the Uyghurs in the camps was necessary not only for the safety and lives of the more than two million Uyghurs in the camps, but also for the discipline, humanity, and superiority of American values.
This need has been recognized by star Royce White. During the B3 match, he made a fair voice for the voiceless. It depends on the conscience of those who receive this signal. But Royce White has fulfilled both his humanitarian and celebrities responsibilities.
So on behalf of the oppressed Uyghur people, I would like to thank and congratulate Royce White.

Rabia Qadeer, leader of the Uyghur National Movement