Recently, 45 UN member states and several UN experts called upon the China side to allow an independent investigation on the Uyghur situation. On behalf of the Uyghur community, I would like to thank them for their humanitarian stance on the issue of Uyghur genocide and their vigilance in recognizing the seriousness of the situation. At the same time, I would like to remind the callers that the Chinese side may delay the issuance of the permit and not allow it to be carried out independently, even if it allows it. I can say this as a former Chinese National People’s Congress member who has served in the Chinese government for 20 years. China is deceiving public investigators by creating fake scenes, using puppet deputies, not allowing people near the camps, prisons and workplaces where human tragedies are actually taking place, and preventing investigator to meet people who have courage to tell the truth.
As it is the fifth year of this mass genocide, the current Uyghur situation can no longer be tolerated and further observed, due to the fact that more than 3 million people are imprisoned in the camps and prisons. The most prominent consequence of this genocide is the plummet of birth rate in the Uyghur community in the past two years. News about the tragic deaths in the camps are being reported continuously where we do not know the real statistics. We heard testimonies from several camp witnesses who lost more than twenty kilogram a year. This year in March, we heard that a hostage weighing 105 kilograms had been released from the camp weighing 53 kilograms after four years in the camp and died 2 days after returning to his family. This is just one out of many examples revealed to us coincidently. More than 500,000 children who have been forcibly taken away from their homes have reached a stage where they no longer recognize their biological parents.
It is a fact that China is implementing genocide in the form of “slow death” through concentration camps, sterilization and slave labor. China needs time to achieve this aim. So, what they have been doing is constantly denying existence of concentration camps then claiming it as a vocational institution, lying by saying, “The trainees already graduated “. This went on for five years. They also plan to spend the next five years on whether or not to allow the investigators to come and implement the investigation. So I urge the international community to not give China any chance to interfere with the investigation in the future.
It is impossible for China to disclose the ruthless scenes of the Uyghur genocide, since they refused to provide any information about the outbreak of the Covid-19 which originated in China that has killed more than 3 million people in the world. China denied the existence of the camps, until 20 months later, they came out and claimed it as “Vocational training schools” in October 2018. Their lies about the Uyghur genocide have been falsified, more than 380 camps are seen from the satellite images, confidential files about command of the implementation of Uyghur genocide have been revealed. More than 30,000 Uighurs in the West who have been disconnected from their families are ready to give testimonies as direct and indirect victims of this ongoing genocide.
Therefore, I earnestly ask the international community not to expect China’s approval of the investigation or hope to achieve any successful outcomes, instead, make decisions and enact base on the existing facts.